FAQ For business owners

What Is GetCarClean

GetCarClean is an online advertising platform that allows car wash owners and professional detailers, both mobile and fixed position, to advertise their services to customers.

Can I list my services and pricing?

Yes! We encourage you to list your pricing with your services, so your customers can see what’s on offer!

Am I tied into a contract?

Absolutely not.
You can cancel at any time (although we wouldn’t want you to go!)

I own multiple businesses, can I add them all?

Currently, we only support one business per account, but the ability to add multiple is coming soon!

How do I list my business?

Easy! Click here to get started.
We’ll ask you some details about your business, your services, and then your business is listed! We may even have some of your details already, which will speed up your registration!

Is your subscription plus VAT?

VAT is included in the price you pay.
You can download a VAT receipt from your account section.